Programmer Club

Programmer Club, Welcome anyone who interest in programming ^ ^
*Any question can post in here, we will try our best to help you, please promote to

your friend ^ ^

Programmer交流区, 欢迎大家 ^ ^
把这个Group搞到热闹点 ^ ^

圈子目的/Group Objective:

1)认识新朋友/Establishing A Friendship Relation
2)综合程序员面子书用户/Intergrate Programmer Facebook User
3)综合程序员/Intergrate All Programmer
4)技术讨论分享区/Skill Discuss & Sharing Center
5)自由程序员集中区/Freelancer Center

圈子条规/Group Rule
1)禁止种族歧视和政治/Racist and Politic are not allow.
2)恶意捣蛋将被警告或删除(如果忽视)/Malice cause trouble will be warn or remove (If ignore)
3)禁止人身攻击或诽谤/Personal Attack Or Defamation IS not Allow.
4)禁止推销自己的产品与服务(Unless Freelance Job)/ Promoting self product or service are not allow.(Unless Freelance Job)

Group Detail / 圈子资料

Group Owner : Keith Wong
Group Admin : Keith Wong / Aeson Job / Neo Yap
Group Consultant : Shin Tomato / Neo Yap


Freelance Project Resource/ 项目资源

-Tomato Shin
-Maoke Jackson
-Aseon Job

-Knight Tan
-Demon Demon Leong
-Simple Alan
-JieLong Goh

Jason Kow
Jackson Quan
Neo Yap
Kelvin Voon
Kenji Chong
Keith Wong

Tomato Shin

Tomato Shin

Chee Yong

WinQi Lee

WinQi Lee

*Web Designer
JieLong Goh

*Server Hosting

Neo Yap

*Facebook Developer
Neo Yap

1)Above is freelance resource list.
2)Listed Name is same with FB Name.
3)For those in list that changed FB name can pm admin to change.
4)For those who wan to be listed in this list can pm admin. (Must have ability to complete a project.)

Admin : Neo Yap / Keith Wong / Aeson Job