Cadillac Michigan Internet Garage Sale

Welcome to the Cadillac Michigan Internet Garage Sale. This is an open group for the people of Cadillac Michigan. to buy, sell and trade within the community. We strive to keep this page safe and friendly for all ages, meaning G Rated. Non constructive comments on a members post will be removed. We do not endorse any public opinions, personal or political on our page and will remove your post. . The sale of firearms is not allowed. Have fun, and invite your friends.

As a member of this group we ask that you follow these rules.

Post 5 post every 12 hours or just bump up your 10 albums one time in 24 hours your choice, can have as many albums as you want and pictures in them , then can bump up either single post or an album as long as it totals 10 posts.

Any wanted item is also counted for a post on the wall

1. We do not endorse any other pages or groups on our page.

Post can only be 8 lines long. 9 line posts will be deleted. Two post of the same item will be deleted. The posting of your item for sale on another members post will be deleted. Create your own post.

Post will be deleted after 10 days if no activity on it, its not up to the admin to delete them

2. When you sell an item, we ask that you remove your post. If you buy something, please post sold on it so we can get the post removed.

3. The use of any foul language, even abbreviated, will get your post or comment deleted.

4. NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING ALLOWED. This also means web addresses that link to commercial businesses. Continued commercial posting will get you BANNED.

5. Any reference to drugs or paraphernalia will result in an automatic ban from the site.

6. It is your responsibility to know the rules. Please reread the rules and Docs every so often to make sure things have not changed. All changes will be posted on the wall at time of being added.

7. Administrators are not responsible for any items bought , sold , traded or given away. It is strictly between buyer and seller. Sellers please mark your items as is, Buyers always check your items.

8. When posting items the first person to comment interested will be considered first for purchase unless seller states Or Best Offer (OBO) if sellers continue to pass buyers, this could result in deletion or banned from site.
We are a community!You may post about community events and or ask questions to the community.

9. Continued reported of no show can and will get you banned from this site.

Never go to someone's house alone to Buy or Sell anything unless you know the selling party personally. Never meet people in your home. Do your transactions in a public place.