cmLDN: London Community Managers

#cmLDN: a group for community managers working in and around London meeting up regularly to talk about issues to do with managing online communities. This is a place to leave links and comments and chat about community management. Members can also organise events via this group.

Some tips and guidelines for those posting to the group. Please do post interesting links regarding community management, new community-based jobs to the jobs file, and start interesting discussions for the group to join in.

This group is not about self-promotion, free research or for those wanting to test new tools or steal ideas. Any posts as such will be deleted and the user may be banned.

We're always happy to help new community managers or those struggling with an issue or questions. When posting questions to the group, try to think about:

a) Does this issue affect a lot of people in the group,
b) Would people in the group have sufficient expertise to answer my question which can't be answered elsewhere
c) Is this of general interest to group members

If you are new to the group please add your Twitter handle to the file and introduce yourself. Thanks!