Cochrane Dog Park Users

Welcome to the Cochrane Dog Park group. The avatar I chose is a dog's paw print to represent what this park is about.....our dogs.

The avatar was previously a closed fist to represent our fight to keep the park intact. I believe hopefully that fight has passed. It would be good if this group simply became a way for dog park users to keep in touch, socialize, perhaps request assistance or advice and keep each other advised of issues we may have in common.

The page has been used in a couple of instances to 'advertise' product or commercial events. I don't have an issue with this occasional use if it benefits the users. I will reserve the right to limit the amount of this use and avoid a slow creep of 'spam' usage.

Please 'like' this group if you wish to keep abreast of people and goings on with the dog park(s). Also please pass this on to other interested parties to broaden the reach and views shared here.