Cockatiel Club of Bangladesh

Welcome to Cockatiel Club of Bangladesh. The group's main goal is to provide and gather any sort of knowledge regarding cockatiel. Please feel free to post pictures or videos of your cockatiel and share your experiences with us. Let us grow and make the world a better place for such beloved creatures. Our aim is to be the biggest and most active cockatiel community of Bangladesh. Come join us and help us grow. Let us embrace the beauty of these small creatures and make the world a better place for them. I urge all your brothers, sisters, friends and all other bird lovers to spread our name and help us grow and unite as one. It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds- they deserve to be contempt and happy along with it too.

There is only two requirement for joining our facebook group..
These people can join our facebook group:
1. Those who are using facebook more than 1 year regularly.
2. Those who are keeping cockatiels or planning for adopt.

1) No off-topics please
2) No swearing, bragging or any such activities
3) No Violation
4) Lame and Foul Advertisement
5) Do not post others group or organization link without admin permission.

plz fill up joining form.. visit the link..

Special NOte:
Some facebook users are trying to join our group but we are not accepting their requests because these accounts seems fake to us. So for security reason of group member and keeping group's environment well we cant accept those request immediate. We will request those user to Contact us if they really want to join.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 01612344786