Call Of Duty Ghosts

The Ghosts are real...Masked Warriors

This group is the property of: Firewall Entertainment Studio
Ce groupe est la propriété de: Firewall Entertainment Studio

CALL OF DUTY and CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.

Admin : Sergent Firewall

Moderator/Modérateur : Melvyn Shaolan

Honorable members and helpers for the moderation : Derek Pratt - Christy Mariah Wilson

Additional mod : YOU. you can signal if something is wrong and the management will look into it if it hasn't been already done.

This group is on Safety Mode / Ce groupe fonctionne sous mode "Sécurité"

The management reserves the right to delete any comments or post without notice.

la direction se réserve le droit de supprimer tout commentaires ou post sans préavis.

All offenders will have their access to the Group denied or removed.

Tous contrevenants se verra refuser l'accès au Groupe ou en sera bannis.


#1 Be cool - Respect - Stay gentle - Avoid Flame wars and insults

#2 Peace & Love - If you show no peace management will give you some love

#3 Link or posts must be Ghosts related or obtain the clearance from the management.

#4 Regarding Hack & Cheat.
Step 1 : Report them (via in-game menu)
Step 2 : Ignore them
Step 3 : Don't mind them
If it's a clan report make a post with all the infos you can collect. Management will transmit.

#5 Camping is just a word.

#6 Don't feed the Trolls