Colorado Car Audio (trade,sell,talk)

*Rules of this Group- READ!!!*

1) Colorado Car Audio is the name of this group. The focus is custom fabrication,Spl competitions,and Sq builds or If you just want to discuss car audio gear. The goal here is to share build pics, finished pics, and learn from one another to help each other grow focused on gear (speakers, amps, head units, etc). also to announce upcoming show in colorado.

2) Language - There are plenty of other words in the English language, learn them, use them and keep the cursing elsewhere.

3) Respect - In this group you are expected to treat one another with respect. This means no "bashing" somebody's install because you don’t like it. Any personal attacks are grounds for dismissal.

4) For sale posts – For sale posts in this group will be allowed. All for sale/WTB/Trade posts and sales are between the two partys and must live in colorado.

If you are a business and want to advertise in this group, contact a group admin via PM or at [email protected] Anything related to advertising will be immediately deleted unless it's approved by a Admin.

5) If your thread is deleted, it's because you didn't follow one of the rules listed here. If you continually ignore the rules, you will be removed from the group.

6) If you want to tell a friend about the group, please forward the group URL to them We welcome anyone to join as long as they are interested in the subject and can follow the simple rules here

7) If you would like to upload several photos of a project please use the "Create Album" Function. Several separate posts of the same project take over the group wall feed and will be deleted.

The following are not RULES, but suggestions. Thanks for your support!

- subscribed to the CAF YouTube channel for several fabrication videos:

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Follow us at Colorado_Car_Audio1 on instagram