<3ColorBlind<3 (Interracial)

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★This is a NO Thirst, Wall watching, Hook-up GROUP★
PLEASE read the Rules carefully as they are simple... WE accept all nationalities so no discrimination.

1) Introduce yourself to the group
2) NO blocking admins
3) NO add me comments, posts, or inbox me (Private message the member you want to speak to (Don't advertise your thirst or obsession to get there attention. If you are told TO STOP inboxing them and don't, I will banned you from the group
4) NO troll pages/Catfishing
5) NO promting unless it's this group
6) No selling or advertising products
7) NO bullying or harassing
8) DO NOT post complaints or problems on the wall. Message an Admin listed below and proper action will be taken
9) If you speak another language, PLEASE WRITE in English FIRST then your language ( That includes comments)

PLEASE be adults. If you don't like what WE or other MEMBERS post, DO NOT REPORT us. There is a button that you can press and leave QUIETLY. This is an 18+ Group.