Colored pencil art

A group specially formed for drawings in colored pencil (or predominantly featuring colored pencil).

Any work posted or shared must feature colored pencil. We allow anything that comes in the form of a pencil, and holds color (wax-based colored pencils, oil-based color pencils, and pastel-based colored pencils). We allow mixed works with colored pencils, but the work must consist of over 50% colored pencil.

Members are limited to two posts per day. Individual pictures prefered please. Failure to comply will result in deletion of posts without warning. We have many members with lots to share, don't hog all the good vibes.

Members please read the rules of our page. The things we are asking are not only proper ways to display ones artwork but also for the benefit of other members and for Admin to maintain the page. If you are posting a WIP or asking for guidance remember your art must still be colour pencil related or it will be deleted.

1. When you post your work please include the following information: TITLE, SIZE, MEDIA, SURFACE, REFERENCE CREDIT. (Providing a reference credit means to acknowledge, or give credit to and have permission from, the person who actually created the content you’re using. Whenever you use photos, images, or other art, you need to name the artist or creator.)

2. No COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is permitted. (no fan art unless you have permission to use reference material)

3. NO SPAM!!! If you post spam, your posts will be deleted and you will be banned from the group.

4. PLEASE post your own work only.

5. PLEASE no advertising of your pages. Photos of your work may be shared from your page, but please no blatant advertising.

Every post that does not comply with the rules will be removed without explanation or warning. Again, we want to keep things organized and civil, because it's all about the art.