Indiana Electronics Exchange

This group was started for the sole purpose of buying, selling and trading electronics.

Some items for example are: digital cameras, stereo systems, cell phones, gaming systems, computers, surround sound systems, etc. And no, etc. DOES NOT mean your unwanted box of clothes. Please, let's keep the other sites for those items and this site for what it was intended.

If you list on this site and your item sells, please be kind and remove your post.

Another point to ponder...if it is stolen, DON'T USE THIS GROUP TO SELL IT! I have personal resources that will track you down and bring you to justice. That is my night job :)

This can and will be a great place for people in and around Columbus to buy and sell electronics. The administrators of this group do not warrant or guarantee any product listed. The buyer and seller will do so at their own risks.

ELECTRONICS are the main purpose for this group. Columbus IN, garage sale stuff is a great site for you to sell other items.

Please be polite and have a great time. Oh and by the way...invite your friends!

Please read the rule, regulations and policies document for the playing guidlines!