Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is a group designed to promote awareness, education and funding for the therapy development of age related and degenerative diseases. We intend to create an activist group in Dublin to help reach these goals. We associate with world renowned groups such as SENS, Longetivity Alliance and various renowned company innovators and academic researchers from around the world. The aim of this movement is clear: To combat known age related diseases and to ultimately increase the human healthspan (healthy life expectancy). Who would say no to having the ability to travel the world, party, follow your vocations/life goals and still have fun in your 80s? We intend to put on activities such as awareness/education lectures, invite world renowned guest speakers for talks, organise fundraising and awareness campaigns, to initiate or assist in organising research and development movements and social activities.

Our interest is in the SCIENTIFIC studies and research related to Regenerative Medicine, Any member that posts SPAM on behalf of groups outside of this area will have their posts removed and be banned from the group. Posts related to the scientific studies or findings are always welcome here as are posts for and by related groups.