Come Visit My Philippines

COME VISIT MY PHILIPPINES ~ How we started....

"Believe in the beauty of your deserve a visit from the world!" ~ Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr.

Moved and inspired by an article on Ramon Jimenez, Bessie Badilla and friends started posting photographs they took in the Philippines on their Facebook accounts. They wanted to show the world they "believe in the beauty of their country," and somehow hoped they would make a difference....their posted images caught on and the threads began to grow! Fascinated by the positive response from numerous Facebook users, another friend Francois Medina decided that they should start a Facebook page for Filipinos who feel the same way....they would start a new Philippine Tourism campaign by posting photos of their beautiful country and use the tag- phrase, "COME VISIT MY PHILIPPINES!" It was targeted to get the attention of the Filipinos on Facebook! If every one of the 25 Million Filipinos on Facebook would invite ONE friend to visit the Philippines, then Philippine tourism would get the boost it needs!

The group "COME VISIT MY PHILIPPINES" is open to all who BELIEVE in the beauty of the Philippines. Members are free to post photos of their favorite resort, fiesta, food, landscape, scenery, vacation spot, beach, landmarks etc of the Philippines. The group was formed on Sunday, September 25 at 12 noon....24 hours later, the group had 3,500 members and still growing! Due to the overwhelming number of member requests, the group invited more friends to be administrators. They wanted to have a 24/7 watch so every member request is accepted at any time of the day.