Scheduled Castes of India (भारत की अनुसूचित जातियाँ )

Jai Bhim

‘If the Untouchables make no noise, the Hindu feels no shame for their condition and is quite indifferent as to their numbers. Whether they are thousands or millions of them, he does not care to bother.
But if the Untouchables rise and ask for recognition, he is prepared to deny their existence, repudiate his responsibility and refuse to share his power without feeling any compunction or remorse.’ - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
"Educate, Agitate & Organise - Babasaheb"
Out of the above stated 3 words, we need to consider the last one the most now. Let's ORGANISE, for the same sake "this Facebook Group is Caste Specific"

About us:
+ To create an archive of :
Current evidences. Information. Facts. Debates and Questions surrounding Neo-face of Bamanism? Neo-Brahamin! Neo-Hindu! and Defining Navayana (Engaged Ambedkarite Buddhism/ Neo- Buddhism)

+ To bring together variations and commonalities within 'SC Category' at one place/group.
Translations of the posts from one language to another is welcome and encouraged.
We welcome people from All Schedule Castes irrespective of Religion, Sub-caste, Faith, Region, Language and Political view.

Please share about your Caste's current status, position and conditions, like:
*Problems it is facing
*Population estimate
*Social status
*Local living conditions
*Incidences of discrimination
*History and Culture
*Festivities, Dance and Music
*Art and Poetry
* Struggles & Celebrations
* Relations and contacts with other Sub- Shudras (OBC castes)
* Relations and communication within Sub SC Castes
* Relations with SC converts into Sikkhism, Indo-Islam and Indo-Christians.

Note: You are free to discuss, criticize, propagate ideas, share, suggest and market here.

* Promote this group: Add your family members and others from your nieghbour and friends.

Join ONLY if you belong to Scheduled Caste Category as to bring together variations and commonalities within 'SC Category' at one place/group.

-------- We suggest following groups for other discussions ---------

NOTE: Please! Be specific with the content and intend of your post with the context of various groups.

* Daily Caste: experience & debates

How Caste operates in different areas of life, culture, society, and media would be debated here.
"Caste experiences have to be told and retold to break the silence of the progressive society on modern caste discrimination and violence."

* Superstition Eradication Committee

यह ग्रुप अंधश्रद्धा निर्मूलन करनेवाले हमारे जैसे समविचारी व्यक्तियों का है. अगर आप अंधश्रद्धा निर्मूलन के लिए हमारे जैसा काम करना नहीं चाहते तो कृपया यह ग्रुप जोइन ना करें. जोइन करने के बाद अगर आप को इसमे कुछ असामान्य लगे या यह ग्रुप आपके विचारों के अनुकूल ना लगे तो इसे तुरंत छोड़ दे. हम यहाँ हमारे विचारों का लेन-देन करने के लिए आये हैं, झगड़ने के लिए नहीं. हम यहाँ कुछ निश्चित कार्य के लिए आये हैं.

***** Respect Woman *****

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” - B. R. Ambedkar

Learn the strategies of resistance from Dalit women. Join this page

Due to historic circumstances of surviving in a society that has entrenched and graded inequality at every turn, makes Dalit women, the repositories of knowledge encompassing everyday skills of avoiding, resisting and then overcoming the devastating effects of many forms of violence.

They are also the best teachers to provide an understanding of the inner dynamics of Dalit family and the constraints of the immediate society which makes girls and women vulnerable to domestic violence at home and at work places.

The various ways in which they resist are largely unknown, as society tends to see them as victims, solely as passive recipients of violence against their person. DWC aims to bring out the empowering stories and strategies of resistance that Dalit women have to offer to the world of women.

-----------Join Round table India for an Informed Ambedkar Age------------

Roundtable believes this is the Ambedkar Age, the age of rising and working towards reshaping society in the light of the Ambedkarite ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. As a news and information portal, Roundtable aims to focus on the twin objectives of generating information and interaction necessary to aid, in howsoever small way, the progress of the Dalits, and the Bahujan community at large, in their efforts to realize those ideals, to work for an informed Ambedkar Age.

Roundtable recognizes that Indian media has played a significant role in helping the dominant social forces ‘deny the existence’ of untouchability and caste and ‘repudiate their responsibility’ in building and maintaining an unjust social order. It has consistently promoted the project of twisting the ‘Hindu problem’, as Dr.Ambedkar had once observed, into the ‘Dalit problem’. Both the mainstream and so-called alternative media in India are controlled by the same social forces. When others interpret the world for you, can you change it?

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