- Startup Knowledge and Learning Group

Dear Members,

We are growing, we are increasing in number, We want our group to grow with as many as start-up into our group.

Idea Behind Group :-

Once we have enough number of member in this group ; we conduct and organize meeting ; Form our Panel ; and Scrutinize every start up of each member ; Then we short list few start-up and then we take them to new heights together, Please note, no startup will be ignored and every startup will be scrutinize for its pros and cons.

Our idea is to get the dream fulfilled of every start-up and make sure it does not die unnatural death.

Together we can. So I request each of member to invite your friends, popularize the motto behind our grop and tell our vision.

We don't want to be in MERCY of investors to save our startup. We can do it together. If we are TOGETHER.

What'sAPP me if you want to know further.

Regards, Adesh Jain, 091-9346915000