Conscious Daughters of Yemaya

Welcome to Conscious Daughters!

This group is intended to open up more important dialog and help enlighten the minds of the modern-day black women. We’re about respecting each other for a stronger community. We are the rock ladies, we set the standard for our men and our families. Lets help uplift each other and share our stories and opinions, instead of perpetuating these negative stereotypes, especially those that divide us. We have a long way to go, but together we maybe able to change the whole dynamic of our communities! I want to emphasize that this group does NOT exclude women of other ethnicity’s or even men. Lots of issues need to be addressed primarily among black women, but we highly encourage and appreciate everyone’s perspective.

Motherhood is also our focus. Conscious parenting is a must! We are our children's first loves and role models... This is a virtual village where we can help each learn and grow along the journey.

Thank you!

****Please ladies introduce yourself to the group and tell us why you want to be a conscious Mama whenever you get a chance! I added you, so feel free to remove yourself if you are not interested. The goal is to have a sacred space to speak, be heard, and understood, so everything stays in here. Also feel free to add other black women who could benefit or who want to participate.