Consciousness Shift

Is anyone starting to question the nature of the world around us? Are you starting to see through the BS of the mainstream media? Are you losing faith in humanity or disillusioned by the way things are going? Is there a mass awakening happening?

This group aims to provide answers. There is indeed a shift in consciousness going on around the world right now. It's there in plain sight for those to see. The mainstream media is trying to control, suppress and distort the shift, which is why more and more people are turning to the alternative media to find the truth.

The reason I started this group is because I could no longer keep quiet about the banks, the bombs, the control, the hypocrisy and the lies! Anyone who's true to themselves about how we live, what we're doing to our planet and what we're allowing our government to do, will come to the conclusion that it isn't quite right. Since the turn of 2009 I've had a bit of an awakening when it comes to my consciousness of the real world around us, which is when I started this group. Since the advent of high speed internet, it's become more apparent than ever that the news we see on the TV is far from a window on the world. The internet is an incredible medium available to all of us when it comes to unravelling the truth behind the media, the banking crisis, the power elite, terrorism, ancient wisdom and climate change to name but a few.

The purpose of this group is to spread awareness, to lift the veil and bring people together to embrace and discuss the world we live in. These are profetic times that we're living in... the evolution of consciousness is speeding up. I have immersed myself in the acquisition of knowledge for over 3 years now. This is my platform (and yours) to periodically post links to websites and information promoting awareness, discussion, maybe even enlightenment (the truth often sets you free!). I encourage you to express your own opinion and post links that you feel are relevant to the purpose of this group. I also intend to re-post old discussions (from the past 3 years) that have not been brought over since the change in group format, as well as email you periodically and post new topics.