Conspiracy Theory -- Wake up America!

From secret societies to the farces that are politics, religion and war. From 9/11 to the inquisition. We''l discuss terrorism. We'll discuss the New World Order (NWO). We'll discuss such heroes as David Icke, Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen. We'll discuss unreleasable documentaries such as "The Esoteric Agenda" and "The Ring of Power" which you'll only find on the web. We'll cover all the topics which the government would rather keep secret.


The Majority of disinformation about the Illuminati influence among the world began after 9/11 as a preparation tool, and to create fear, anger and dread among the intelligent half awakened populace, and generate a strong air of unbelievability among the denial ridden deluded populace.

The creation of staged “eyewitness” testimonies and documents are purposefully “leaked” out of these societies about the new world order to manufacture and project an embodiment of duality such as the patriot and tea party movements. The Power Elite of the darkness creates both sides of the coin, but dominates from the same piggy bank. The combined powers of the darkness comprehends the universal law of free choice; the illuminati power elite must present their plan to produce the separation process between the light and the darkness. There is a large majority who are still dwelling within their denial, fear, ignorance, and delusions despite truthful information scattered around the internet about the New World Order of Darkness.

The New World Order is a collective illuminati secret society effort put forth by the global power elite, bound by ancestral genetics of incest and esoteric secrets to create a one world government. This Luciferian cabal eventually will prefect robotic technology and artificial intelligence to remove all elements of spiritual light. Any human soul/spirit ensnared into the new world of the darkness will be enslaved from the advanced technology of the RFID chip and sophisticated mind-control techniques. Anyone who is disposed to the light of truth will be killed during their new world order; however, spiritually saved into the unseen world of the light. Each human on this earth are being maneuvered according to personal karmic bonds to choose between the light and the darkness and the choice will stem from the inner heart.

A Major Deception of the New World Order is the collective effort put forth by a global network of visionaries, bound by honor, to create conditions where every individual, throughout a free civilization, will have the opportunity to thrive, while the class of politicians, religious leaders, and establishment heads are left uncompetitive, enabling the most creative and productive geniuses in society to bring forth unbelievable new technologies and values that will ensure health, wealth, and safety of everyone—an absolute deception. The delusion of these visionaries think in their denial that eventually the NWO will lead to a standardized global system of government, which will operate solely to protect the individual rights of all global citizens.

Don’t be fooled, Do you really think the Power Ultra Greedy Elite would ever relinquish their positional domination?