Coochiemudlo Island

A group to bring the residents, visitors and friends of Coochiemudlo Island together.
Use this group to plan, promote and record island events, to keep up to date with what's going on, to encourage constructive and environmental efforts for the benefit of the island and/or to welcome new people to Coochie.

1. Our page is tolerant of all sincere ideas and opinions. But posts and threads that attempt to discredit individuals, whether named or not, will be removed.
2. Posts and threads that have descended into tit-for-tat point scoring will be terminated.
3. Obscene language, racial vilification, and disrespect for people and their beliefs, will result in suspension or permanent blocking from the group.
4. Posts which, in the opinion of the administrators, may be defamatory, will be removed to protect the group from adverse legal action.
5. Members who post under a FB name that does not identify them, or is not their given name, must put their name at the beginning of each post.
6. Just because you can communicate with everyone doesn't mean that you should, so please think twice before posting. For sale notices and adverts can add clutter. There's a good Coochie trading page: You can always direct people to it with a short post on this page that summarises what you're selling.