Cook County Mustang Crew

Sick of rolling with ricers?

Cook County Mustang Crew is a crew that has been created exclusively for Ford Mustang owners near the Chicago area. Shelby, Saleen, GT, six bangers, Boss 302, Foxbody, Sn95, fastbacks, new or old, to us it doesn't matter. We love ALL Mustangs. Join Cook County Mustang Crew if you have a stang and you're near the Chicago area.

This group is for Mustang owners only.

Feel free to invite your friends who also have stangs.

insta= @cookcountymustangcrew
email= [email protected]

Members posts will be DELETED and may risk being BANNED IF...

1. Offensive or hateful things said about members or thier stangs.
2. Parts for sale are posted more than once.
3. Other clubs are being over promoted.
4. A member is not from Illinois.
5. Member does NOT own a Mustang.
6. A member acts irresponsibly at meets (burnouts, drifting, endangering others, etc..)

Welcome to Cook County Mustang Crew!