Cooperative Chess Coalition - Chess Posts of Interest

Chess Chat (formerly called "Chess Posts of Interest"), a chess/life FB discussion group, is managed by Chess Coalition Cooperative ( CCC ). CCC is an international grassroots' organization of chess players from many countries focused on promoting chess. This FB debate forum, including chess news, puzzles, history, etc., and issues of moderate chess reform and chess member development at all levels, and on promoting moderate chess reform action, where there are collaborative bodies wanting such reform. CCC is currently an international membership of 4 from Canada; Ghana; USA. It manages this CC FB Group, as one of its chess projects. CCC is composed of " members " and " supporters ". To get information or apply to join, or subscribe to "Inside CCC" (the CCC e-newsletter), e-mail the CCC Coordinator, Bob Armstrong, at [email protected], and provide an e-mail address (newsletter also available to Non-CCC members).

Founded - February, 2011

This FB Group - Goal - this CCC site strives to be the best chess discussion forum on FB! It hopes to be active and somewhat controversial from time to time. You can " Join " / conscript your friends into the group - bring them into the discussion.!

You do not have to become a core CCC member or supporter to join this " FB discussion/information group ". Everyone is welcome to become " CC Members ". Come post a message on our wall on a chess topic that interests you - all posts welcome - join the discussion.