Brave Entrepreneurs

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Brave Entrepreneurs is a fun, love-filled space for freelancers, creatives, coaches and small business owners who want to expand their empires.

Things we LOVE in here:

- Asking questions
- Answering other people's questions
- Celebrating successes, both yours and your fellow brave ones
- Inviting people to come join us
- Giving things away for free
- Sharing things that made you think or laugh or changed the course of your business
- Teaching us more about your area of expertise
- Being brave, however that looks to you
- Promoting your big, brave thing. Yes, you can promote whenever. We have a $ell Yo' Shit Saturday thread regularly to keep things tidy, but you are allowed to post graphics with your website on them and promos for your programs and links to discovery calls and whatever the heck else promotes your product any day—as long as it isn't spammy. Spammy is hard to define, but I know those post-it-and-leave sunglasses ads are spammy. And we love it if when you promote, you also go ahead and like or engage with someone else's post too. Karma is real smile emoticon

Things we DON'T love in here:

- Being an asshole. This is determined on a case-by-case basis by your queen, but generally promise not to be a dick, ok? Things like criticizing people, naming and shaming people, or complaining about a service or a product you didn't love all definitely qualify as being an asshole and are grounds for permanent removal from the group.
- The post and run. To increase engagement + make this group fun for everyone, please like or comment on someone else's post before/right after posting your own.

This group is hosted by Lauren Vanessa Zink of Tiny, Happy Empire. You're not required to be on my email list to be a member, but if you WERE on my email list, that would make a girl very smiley --> Check it out here

Go bravely,
Lauren Vanessa Zink

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