Consciousness Club, Cornell

The Consciousness Club at Cornell works to promote self-awareness and overall well-being through yoga, meditation, fun mixers, yoga remix parties and various self-development workshops that we organize throughout the year.

One of our featured weekly event is Mid-Week Meditations open for everyone on Wednesdays, in Willard Straight Hall, Room 215 (Garden Room), from 6-7 pm for this semester.

We strongly believe that a healthy body, a stress-free mind and an open spirit is necessary for a person to function at his full potential in society, and we strive to help students achieve this by using tools and wisdom based on the ancient Indian teachings

We also hope to address the stresses that Cornell students face on a day-to-day basis and help them learn skills that they can use to achieve their ideal life without stress. Our workshops, general-body meetings and events focus on two aspects-

1. Internal personal development - Yoga, mental well-being, meditation, personal development, dealing with adverse situations with equanimity, building physical and mental resilience to adverse situations, balancing the different demands that a student faces in his time here, building focus and clarity and spiritual well-being

2. External community development - promoting the aspect of service among Cornell members, responding to the needs of the community, environmental and social responsibility, building a community that is free from stress and violence and promoting a sense of connection and belonging among the Cornell community members.
We also try to bridge the gap between science, spirituality and mental well being by bringing in speakers of diverse backgrounds that will be of interest to students.