Corvette UAE Club

Corvette UAE CLUB

The Official Corvette club with the name of UAE in United Arab Emirates certified by EMSF.

CUC- has been founded in early 2007 & is managed by a close knit group of dedicated board members as in a family!

CUC's slogan is " DRIVING FOR GOOD" . This stands to encourage the community to be aware of the importance of safety while driving.

This is the 1st & Foremost exclusive auto club that revokes illegal street racing, speeding and burnouts.

SPORTS CARS are not only for racing and burnouts.. its a responsibility in the hands of the owner who does Justice to the Vette.

We aim to build a unified community with our members & convey the message to the world that The Corvette is a unique racing car and the owners project the class and grandeur that the Vette truly stands for...Here are some guidelines for demonstrating the Best in Vettes..


As Corvette owners we have to be aware of the following instructions as all of us believe that YES, Corvette is a unique sport car but not any kind of car So you are kindly requested to do the following while we gather:

1. Fasten your seatbelt

2. stick to the speed limit provided on the road we use

3. don’t use four signals unless we stop

4. stay all behind in ONE lane

5. NO burnouts

6. NO racing challenges

7. always give a pass for other vehicles “ NON- Corvette “ to enter the lane even if they interfere us “

8. keep distance

9. Use headset or speaker while driving – NO HANDS on mobile

10. Always use signals for reference to where you’re heading

11. NO loud music if ur using convertible or coupe and opened the top


13. KEEP your license and car registration card with you

14. Upgraded Corvettes must be legally authorized

* Riders who don’t obey our rules will be not able to continue in the Club

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