Conscious Awakenings

A Conscious Awakening can only happen when the mind is utterly quiet, silent. Then true seeing can happen like observing a beautiful flower or being absorbed in the joy of being one sees in child or a realized one. You are totally absent as a person blotted out by the true essence of your being reflected everywhere which is nothing but light, space, love. So Conscious awakenings is the same as being Awake to your true nature coming all by itself in this silent awareness when mind is still. Here insight can happen gradually or in sudden flashes according to your willingness, diligence and understanding. You are Awareness itself, prior to the mind so the mind must be still, you must be still in composure to recognize who you are before the body- mind. This pure, uncontrived, effortless recognition also eventually settles down from the Heart space dissolved in the Being itself. Then, as it is and has always been NOW your whole Being is just That effulgent radiance fully realized As you always. ~Ujananda Ji