Courageous Spiritual Warriors

This is a community of passionate women on missions to make a d...ifference.

We are the radiant heart warriors, sacred goddesses and succulent wild women seeking to make a meaningful contribution.

We aren’t only imagining a better world; we are creating one. Shining our love brightly, lighting the path for others to shine, giving them permission to seek, accept and heal.

So we dive into themes for our own personal growth and healing. Each fortnight’s theme inspires introspection, healing and action. Dive in and share your stories, offer advice or kind words as you could offer what someone else needs to receive in that moment. Be honest, be vulnerable, just be exactly who you are.

We are courageously reclaiming our power as loving, strong women, pursuing our passions, living with higher purpose and creating positive change in our lives + the world.

United by a desire for connection and community, we have co-created this safe space to open up and share this messy, vulnerable, thrilling journey of life with one another.

PROMO POSTS ONLY TO BE POSTED ON "INSERVICEFRIDAY" (with hashtag #InServiceFriday on post)

Please contribute to the conversation rather than just pitching your stuff. Your promo posts will be deleted if you haven't been involved in the ongoing conversation.

Introduce yourself and infuse this group with your energy, love, vulnerability and support.

Our complaints, negativity and judgements add fuel to the issues we wish to transform – so let’s keep this group free from them.

Please invite any like-minded women to join this empowering, dynamic community so we all rise up, create lives of deep meaning and pursue our missions with passion and courage.

Bek and Mandie xx

Hosted by Bek Tomarchio, Heart Warrior
Created by Amanda Helena, Soul Strategies