Covington Co FB Rummage Sale

This is a place for anyone in the Covington County area to buy, sell, or trade items without having a sale at a certain location. Please read the rules & regulations. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!

Rules & Regulations:

Please follow the rules & regulations listed so that everyone can enjoy!!! Thanks!!!
1- Anyone violating the rules & regulations will be banned from the group.
2- Be respectful & courteous to all members. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
3- Be honest about the condition of your items.
4- Follow through on all of your agreements with buyers & sellers.
5- Do not use foul language.
6- Set prices for items that you list for sale. Don't post a picture & wait for someone to have to ask "how much?". Also, list price in the description of the pic, not in the comments field.
7- If you have more than one similar item, or multiple pics of the same item, then create an album instead of loading one picture at a time on multiple posts. Also, do not "bump" individual pics, "bump" the whole album!
8- Post the same item only once! "Bump" items after 2 days. Any earlier "bumps" will result in posts being deleted.
9- Groups & organizations may advertise fundraisers once a week.
10- Businesses may only post an advertisement once a week. You are considered a "business" if you are selling products on a regular basis as a way to create income.
11-DELETE posts after they have been SOLD or mark 'SOLD' in the comments field.
12-Do not post illegal or recalled items.
13-All exchanges of items sold are expected to be made in Covington County.
14- Rules are subject to change without notice.
15-Buy & sell at your own risk!!