Coweta Yard Sale Ads


I hope everyone can have fun and make some extra cash.
Lets make this a great group.

Please if you have any feed back send me an email @ [email protected]
Make your SUBJECT "Coweta Yard Sale Ads_FeedBack"


You can not sell firearms or any weapons what so ever! (This is a Facebook Rule!)
You can not sale used mattresses.
You can not sell animals, however, you can charge a re-homing fee.

If you do not want the item or service that is posted please do not comment anything negative.

If you setup a meeting and have to cancel please let the other person know. No one needs the extra expense of travel.
The creator and admins of this group are not liable for the transactions of the members that are in this group.
If you have an issue with a member please message and admin.

Do not be rude to others. ~1 warning! ~2 Ban!

Please do not double post!
It is ok to re-post if you delete old post first.
Example:Post @ 9am then delete post at 4:30pm. Then re-post @ 5:00pm <-- <-- This is OK!

Do not bump your post over 2 times per day.
Do not re-post same item over 2 times per day.

Please if you have multiple items post them in an album.

No RECRUITING for MLM or other Home Based Business Here!!