Camp Pendleton Resale

This is a place for the Marines and Sailors of Camp Pendleton and their families to post items for sale, advertise yard sales, and any other type of sale. Everything is sell/buy at your own risk. Do not post anything illegal for sale. This includes expired car seats, CIF gear, and WIC. I am in no way liable for any transactions done here. This group is not at all affiliated with Camp Pendleton or the USMC.
We also ask that you please refrain from selling firearms, ammunition, and alcohol.
This is NOT an open forum. This group is strictly for buying, selling, and trading items. There are plenty of groups and pages that you can use for conversations, debate topics, and questions.
*Home Businesses*
If you have a home business you may advertise 1 time weekly. If you abuse this you will be removed. Just post a link to your Facebook page or website. Do not make an album and do not post every item you have for sale.
There are some very simple rules:
1. NO BASHING, BULLYING, or anything negative. We are all adults here lets act like it. Any negative comments will be removed. I have ZERO tolerance for these kinds of things and if you cause a problem you will be removed.
2. If you have a bad transaction please do not post it on the wall(see rule 1). If you do you will be removed. Work out the problem in PM's with the person. If it can NOT be worked out personally message the admin's and we will see what we can do.
3. When you post a picture let us know the PRICE, SIZE(if applicable), LOCATION and any other details in the caption section. If the item is PENDING PICK UP put that under the picture. Please post SOLD under the picture when sold if you can not remove it.
4. Do not "BUMP" your item more than once every 24 hours. If this is done your photo/post will be deleted. Also please do not be excessive in your "bumping".
5. You may create your own album, all we ask is that you make the title your name. If you are on your phone, we understand that this may not be an option for you...BUT if you are going to post a bunch of items, please don't do it all at one time! Take a break in between a few things so you don't flood the page...people hate that, and then all their items get lost on the page. Be respectful
6. Do not hijack people's posts. Basically do not post on another person's post that you have the same thing or have it cheaper. This include's saying, "I just bought this item for less than you are selling it for." If you do not like the price, move on. Comment's are not necessary.
This group should be very simple and easy to use for everyone. Have fun! Happy selling!