Central Philippine University

"Scientia et Fides"

This is an Unofficial Gathering Place for Students, Teachers, Alumni, or anyone who is a Fan of Central Philippine University.

A place where "Central Spirit" may come alive.
A place to foster EXCEL (Exemplary Christian Education For Life)

A place to discuss issues and share stories and possibly even connect to fellow Centralians where ever in the world they may be!

House Rules:
1) You must be a student, alumni, or employee of Central Philippine University to join the gorup. (Administrators: Please approve members if they clearly state on their profile that they studied or work at CPU)

2) If you are requesting membership to the group, you must clearly indicate on your profile that you are studying/studied or work at CPU.

3) No advertisements of any kind. There has been a Surge in the number of unsolicited advertisements. Commercial Advertisements will NO LONGER be allowed. Posting advertisements will be grounds for removal from the group.

4) Announcements of School activities, functions, programs, seminars, and others is STRONGLY Encouraged. (Please use the events tab to announce activities and invite members)

5) BE Nice! Do not share your grievances of other people or groups on the wall. NO slandering/libel is allowed. Trouble makers will be removed from the group. Report legitimate grievances in a private message.

6) EXCEL. (We all know what EXCEL is, Hopefully) Practice it always.

7) Due to the large number of group members I am having trouble approving members and screening/approving posts in the group. I strongly encourage members to message me (Michael Timothy Tumbokon) and apply to be an administrator.

8) House rules subject to change after periodical review.