Craft Beer New England ISO:FT, Share, Beer Fest & Releases

This page is the same take as NECB ISO:FT, just with Less B.S, Complaining, Cliques and Limitations.

-No Auctioning nor Selling Beers, due in large part to Laws & so on. Pesky little things

-If you have an "in", in regards to a certain beer(s), don't be a tool, post pics of said beer(s) and not disclose the location, so others can't acquire, cause it makes you feel that much better about yourself. That's just corny and you will be given the boot, banned, exiled.

-We are grown adults here (at least, I hope we are).. BE ADULTS

-If you don't like a trade offer, get over yourself and move on

-Have fun at the expense of others, as long as the other person is good with it. You push the envelope too far.. well, paper cuts suck and that pesky boot, with get to bootin'

**:MOST IMPORTANT:** Trade how you want, with whoever you want, for whatever you want and Donkey Teeth.

Hope everybody is able to utilize this page.