Crazy Vapors And Their Contests

This group is open to all. You may repost contests that have already been posted. Please don't share the same contest multiple times, consecutively over & over. No Spamming! Keep it clean, no rudeness or attacks on others will be tolerated. Use us to find those contests you missed and post your contests here so you don't bother your non-vaping friends and family who read your timeline.

Keep in mind to enter a contest you must go to that vendor's page (or open up the image) and like/comment/share from the vendor page. Liking, commenting, and sharing our posts will not gain you entry into these contests.

1. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for ingredients the liquid vendors use in their products. If you choose to vaporize a liquid that contains ingredients which may cause illness or other health issues please seek medical attention immediately. Recently it has come to my attention that a small segment of liquid vendors may be using ingredients that might be harmful to your health. I recommend you only enter into contests for vendors with liquid products that are known and reputable throughout the community, but the ultimate choice is yours to make. Be safe and vape on!

2. Contests posted to this page are not endorsed by this group, administered by this group, and this group has no liability toward the validity of the contests being run by the vendors on Facebook. Each member who joins this group agrees to relieve Crazy Vapors and Their Contests of all liability associated with the contests being posted.

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