Crime Watch Malaysia


If you are a victim of c...rime or know a friend or relative who have been a victim, do tell us your story.

This website will attempt to highlight the horror of the rising crime rate and the brutality of crime in our country and perhaps initiate greater concern and action from the authorities and the government.

Do also tell us your story or complaints if any as regards to the responses from the police or other authorities. It might just encourage them to improve their services to the Rakyat.

This is our home and country and your stories shared with all will hopefully help to prevent and safeguard other innocent victim in your neighborhood or in the location of the crime.

God Help Us!

Note: This group is now being moderated due to increase in spam trying to disrupt the objective of this group. As such there might be a delay in the approval of your post however regular members who have contributed to crime related stories are exempted.

Please do continue to support and share to his group of any related crime events and incidents.

Thank you for your understanding and support.