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Hello All friends I am posting plan details of CrowdFundEra

1) Crowd funding started from year 2001.
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7) To become Project manager you have to sponsor 10 direct members,Project manager gets 100$ to 1000 $ funds
8) As your group reaches 100 Members then you become a Century Project Manager & get funds 1000$ to 3000$
9) As your group reaches 1000 Members then you become a Thousand Club Project Manager & get funds 2000$ to 12,000$
10) Project Manager get benefit of every level in his group,Direct 5%, 2nd level 10%, 3rd level 3% ,4th level 2% ,5th level 1%6th level 0.50%, 7th level 0.10% to unlimited
11) Digital currency accepted globally BITCOIN & PERFECT MoneyNote http://j.mp/crowdfundera is now in Pre-launch, We send all funds through Project Manager they will benefit for lifetime
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4. verification link send in your email id check and verify