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Welcome to CrowdSauce! Please read the rules below before posting, thanks!

Tired of feeling guilty every time you ask your friends for answers in your status update? Use this group and ask any questions you like - GUILT FREE.

Love this idea? Then please add your friends - it will work much better!

Need an answer to something? Need a quick translation? Looking for a resource? Looking for a phone number? Members of this group have the secret sauce you need and will help whenever and however they can. And so should you! :)

Don't worry about being polite, just throw your QUESTION in and expect others to answer if they can. Answer questions yourself and keep the resource alive!

:: RULES of CrowdSauce (updated 10/1/14) ::

This is a place to ask questions and get fast answers, so please start your post by posting a question you need help with. No spam please and by this we mean anything that is promoting a service, etc. This concept works, because it is quite simple and therefore effective.

Q. Can I post classifieds (stuff for sale?)
A. No, but you can use the following groups for that:

Q. Can I offer properties for rent/sale?
A. No!

Q. Hmm, how about job adverts?
A. Nay.

Q. Can I offer puppies, rabbits, earwigs, roadkill or pets for adoption?
A. No sir.

Q. Can I hunt for rooms/ apartments?
A. Sorry - no please, not here.

Q. Can I ask people to fill out questionnaires?
A. Nope.

Q. Can I offer advice, even though people didn't ask for it?
A. No, but thanks anyway.

Q. Can I post events here?
A. No, please ask questions and expect answers.

Q. Can I write about observations, make jokes, etc?
A. No, please ask questions and expect answers.

Q. Can I post something like "Did you know? There is an event happening at.."
A. Technically it is a question, but realistically it is spam. So no.

Q. Can I post anything that isn't a question?
A. No.

Enjoy CrowdSauce!

People who blatantly break the rules, will be removed and banned from the group.