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Your one-stop Facebook Shop to chat about everything and anything regarding living life more consciously, naturally, and blissfully!

Questions about natural beauty remedies, household cleaning products, and home remedies are very welcome, as is any discussion you have regarding conscious living.

The highlights of our policies:

• ZERO tolerance for self promotion, solicitation, click/vote contests, business/affiliates, favourite causes/donations, personal blogs/pages/groups, MLMs/DS. Failure to follow this one is the most likely reason to get you BANNED from the group without warning. There are two exceptions explained in the unabridged rules.

• No requests for sending and receiving PMs under any circumstances. This is non-negotiable as we can't determine your true intentions.

• VERBOTEN TOPICS: New postings regarding vaccination are no longer permitted.

Capisce? Thanks for reading and hope to see you in the group!