Composers-Songwriters-Content Creators Rights of Houston

This is what it has come to...
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Let me provide a few links to help give everyone an idea of what's happening in the area of songwriter/publishing rights and royalty rates. By the way, Google is NOT your friend.

These several websites/blogs will show you all the stories related to what is going on. A few of you know

I've been working on my latest original project for the past 10 months or so, and I was wanting originally to move it along pretty fast, get all the copyrights/publishing handled, get it up on my BMI page, etc. Then, many months ago, I ran across an article on about Megaupload and Kim Dotcom being trounced and raided by Feds. Under most circumstances I hate hearing about these kinds of things, because it makes me wonder about the lagality of such things. BUT, after reading the story, it uncovered a slew of other reports about pirate sites loaded with the digital files of music artists/songwriters as well as movies and other kinds of copyrighted material being supported by advertising agencies. Some of the companies being advertised were McDonalds, BMW, etc...NAME BRANDS that up until recently had no idea their advertising logos and links were being set up next to links for torrent sites and "russian bride sites" (Human Trafficking!). Please do follow the three links I posted, and learn for yourself what is happening...if you are a copyright holder, and are registring new songs or pieces in the future, and you are NOT phased at all, then you may as well not even bother registring your own music with the Library of Congress. It won't matter anyway. Oh yes, you will also see just how deeply Google is involved in all of this.

The company motto for Google is "Don't Be Evil". You will come to find that this is like the 'double-speak' you read in 1984. It is a lie. Thanks for reading, and hopefully being available to participate. Don't worry, it won't take you much effort or time,..maybe a few minutes a week after you have educated yourself. I will be following this in a short time with more links to articles, and ideas on actions we can take collectively.

Adam C Smith