Couchsurfing Philadelphia

With the endless reformatting of the CouchSurfing website it has become difficult to navigate effectively. In response, we've created this Facebook group making it quicker and easier to find info and connect with local/resident CouchSurfers. If you're new to the Philadelphia CouchSurfing community or CS in general, welcome! :-)

A few clarifications and guidelines about this group:

1. This is NOT an alternative to the Couchsurfing Philly Group: It's meant as a supplement since the CS phone app isn't as user-friendly as the FB app. In addition to the above, please be aware that most travelers who rely exclusively on are unaware of this group, so please be sure to cross-reference this groups' events with Also, because the new site sucks and many of the useful features have been removed, we created a CouchSurfing Philly Blog where we posted some useful info: Anybody in this group will be able to add to this blog. Just e-mail your blog/contribution to [email protected] and one of the admins will publish it.

2. Along the lines of #1, VISITORS: PLEASE NO COUCH REQUESTS IN THIS GROUP. Please continue to make all couch-requests through the site: If you have not received any responses to your requests, please check Philly's Last Minute Couches & Surfing/Hosting Requests: If all else fails, then you may use this group as a last resort.

3. Please observe the general CS Guidelines which apply to this group as well: and take the time to review the Safety Basics: Answers to many other common questions can be found here:

NOTE: Just like this is a self-policing, grass-roots, and community oriented group. We, as a community, try our best to answer questions, post useful info, and create various events for all of us to enjoy, meet new people, and make new friends. Please note that the role of the admins is to moderate ( Admins are not CS city ambassadors but are very active within the community and try to limit spam and personal attacks, and compile useful info. One of our main goals is also to make the Philly CS community as vibrant and diverse as possible. As such, we welcome new members, suggestions on improving this group, and encourage community participation.

4. As a courtesy to our community please speak English, if possible, on this group's posts so as not to exclude other members of the group and in order to receive input (if that's what you're seeking).

5. If you want to receive invites to this group's events please friend the profile "Phil Couchsurfer" ( or be sure to regularly check the Events Tab:

7. New user+Spam = Immediate ban