Keyboard Department @ the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music @ CSULB

Visit the keyboard department Website at

Welcome! Keep up to date with BCCM's keyboard department events and other fun stuffs.

Invite friends, family, and strangers(as long as they're good strangers... you be the judge of that)!

We dwell in practice rooms A504, A517, B1, B3, B10-13, and B15-16

(If anyone knows of any keyboard events in the area, feel free to post on the wall!)

+ Group Admins:
- Jason Lo
- Resli Bagaygay
- Christopher Maldonado
- Marc Lombardino

Take pictures/videos and upload them!

Note from Jason:

"You know, I keep hearing about other departments forming their own groups so I figure, it's about time I make one I can join.

Since I definitely spend too much time on here, I will update here regularly with upcoming student recitals and various keyboard related events.

A place to be updated, share thoughts, gossip (be nice!) and networking too...or something."