Cuban Salsa and Rueda International Group

Cuban Salsa and Rueda de Casino, an international group of continents:
Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia
Current discussions on the preparation of International Rueda De Casino Multi Flashmob event 2015 event 2014
List of organizers and invitations Flashmob
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Questions and Answers related to Rueda de Casino Multi Flash MOB / You can these questions and answer use in your local invitations to the event.
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How do I enter my group in the International Rueda de Casino Flashmob?

Please, read carefully this invitation (written in 9 languages) and our 3 official notifications:

If you are with us, go to and do not forget to post just under text in 9 languages in the following format: 1 City and Country of Rueda flash mob 2 Contact person: your name 3 your fb profile 4 your school if you have one (fb profile, web page or FB event)

Only after your post we will register you into the List of organizers and into the world map of rueda event!!!

Thank you. :)

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