Culture Club UQ

Culture Club UQ is a University of Queensland club which stands for unity, diversity, and inclusivity of all ethical political and social beliefs. Our core aim is to engage people in positive dialogue about politics, world events and debate, promoting engagement rather then exclusivity. The club serves as an example of the importance and success of inter-political and social dialogue that unites people from all political and social opinions, to help shape an idea of the world we want to live in.We offer social meets, film nights, campus stalls and lots of debates and online forums. We believe the best way to promote and create a better society is to allow all people an opinion and voice for current events, policy making and the world at large. Get involved! It's fun AND rewarding. Email if you want to become a member or want to go on the mailing list. [email protected]


Billie Mackness-Lucinsky

Tinker Ray- Centrist unicorn

Cassie Holeczy- World Citizen Left

Nell Gee- Conservative

Jeremy 'Jeremiah' Leonard-TBA

James Morris-Authoritarian Environmentalist

Tom McAtee-Left wing socialist

Ben Bingham- Right wing hunter/gatherer

Billie Mackness-Lucinsky- Conservative Left/Centrist

Michael Tran-TBA

James Hal- Social libertarian

India Anderson- Third Way Pacifist

Joseph Power - small-c conservative/neoconservative (when feeling frisky)

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