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Respect Each Other.

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1. Think before you post: It's important to consider the negative impact a post could have on a friend before making the post.

2. Don't repost: If a friend deletes a wall post or tag that you made, it's considered impolite to repost that content.

3. Don't be a stranger:cute troops isn't seen as a replacement for face-to-face interaction. Real friends should be contacted through other means beside the site, users agreed.

4. Be honest: It's considered polite to present yourself honestly but positively t ocute troops friends

5. Don't be an addict:being addict in cute troops group so much that it interferes with work/study is a big no-no.

6. Protect yourself: No posting information that a friend or acquaintance could later use against you.

7. Think, again: Many users say they apply a "common sense" rule in their interactions with Facebook friends.

8. It's all about jobs: Consider how a post would look to a friend's employer or potential employer before putting it on his or her wall.

by:admin/esHangtotx ♥