Café World - Add 300+ Neighbours and Gifts in 30 minutes! Its real

Good afternoon everyone. As the time nears to the closing of CW i am sad to see our game coming to a close. frown emoticon I will not be unfriending anyone as it has been a pleasure in meeting each & every one of you. We will be or find some other games to continue playing together. If you choose to unfriend me that is okay with me. Let's stay in touch. I thank each and every one of you for all the help in answering my requests, being my CW angels for my caterings but most of all being my friend. My computer will be shut down for all games in 5 minutes and will not be on for approximately one week. My computer is being taken in for major overhauling & maintenance. All my computer programs must be re-programmed and updated as I have lost files. Please do not send any urgent game requests to me until I get my computer back. I know I will not miss my notifications in FB as it is automatically sent to my email to keep up to date. Will be back in a week. See you then.