"CYBER FLEAMARKET" - Home of Enterpreneurs

Fomerly known as Bazaar Ramadhan Warna Meriah - Onan Road, showcasing and promote merchandise and services online. Since the bazaar (at Geylang) was only operational once a year, the administrator decided to switch to the Facebook market palce and change the name to "Cyber Fleamarket".

The group serve as a platform for entrepreneurs new or seasoned to feature their product, merchandise, services, expertise, hobby etc, etc, etc and encourage to share their product/services knowledge and informations.

All posting will be screen, any inappropriate posting, spamming or whatsoever will be deleted without prior notice and/ or banned permanently. Your cooperation was greatly sought.

Seeking everyone cooperation to introduce this group page to all your friends or assist to add in your friends as many as possible, our aims is to make this "HOME of ENTREPRENEURS" a vibrant and well known to global community, where as a result we would have a dynamic platform and widen-up our networking in here and be the best home for everyone to connect or communicate. No obligation at all if you reluctant to share or add in your friends in here because of individual privacy, we will still allow you to do posting and truly grateful for your participation. Our mission is to generate high Demand and Supply environment and wide communication platform. The more the merrier! isn't it!

Hopefully this platform will be an active space for the Networkers, Marketeers & Entrepreneurs to get connected and interact.

With Abundance of Love & Respect

Jamil Bosri
Founder/Facilitator of CFHE

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CyberFleaMarket is not liable or responsible for any sales transaction done between any vendor and group member/s. Any transactions are to be done at member's and vendors own discretion, accord and responsibility. CyberFleaMarket wishes to stress that CyberFleaMarket does not represent or endorse any particular vendor/caterer or any product brand or sevices.