Cynosure Generation — BD Pop Culture Community

Welcome to the New Era of Cynosure Generation - BD Pop Culture C...ommunity

One of the largest and most popular crazes of the past few years has been online social networking --Facebook. In that respect is much talk about the social power that social networks possess. For the example - A Facebook group can successfully run against a murderer to send him inside the imprisonment. They can rock on the whole nation with a rhythm of new beginning, which solely depends upon them.

We highly believe in freedom and space for sharing your concept, mind blowing ideas and a way of Evolution. We believe in this generation, that they're capable of performing some great wonder. Then let's put our efforts to bring some new revelations and evolution.

This group is not only about Anime, Movies, Artworks, Music, TV series, Meme, Games, any sort of fandom, trolling, bashing or other explicit stuff. You can discuss and post almost everything you want in this group so long the rules are not broken.This group is also about your ideas, resourcefulness. Post about your creativeness and your creative works. Speak up for your ideas, share your point of view with us. Maybe someone like you and us is thinking the same, sharing the same point of perspective. This is how we can build a range of mountains, a chain of rebellious genius who actually can capable of bringing the New Era.

We already set off working on something big and surprising which will benefit every one of us.
We are a bunch of visionary people who believe in a future where everyone's equated. But we just don't stop at dreaming, but we make it tangible.

Yes!! We are looking forward to bringing the New Era of Cynosure Generation — BD Pop Culture Community. Where every idea and ideal of yours is allowed. Possibly one day we will build a nation where no one can put us down. With this Hope we are welcoming everyone, and every culture.

The Admins:

Ahsan Habib Cy (The Sniper)

Hasan Mahmud (The Myth)

Waleed Mohammad Haneef (Crack)

Mushsharat Bisha (The Nightfury)

Faiyaz Kamal Uddin (Doritos Pope)

Mushfiqur Rahman Rafi (Da Vinci)

Albert Joy (Casper)

Nayeem Hasan(The Dark Knight)

Shahnewaz Reza Mansur (Pervy Senpai)
Ruhani Nazir(The Dark Assassin) Head Admin