Alcoholics Anonymous quote each day to your inbox

About Us

We are not affiliated with AA in any way although most of our members are affiliated with a recovery program.

Our Purpose -

The original purpose of this group was to send quotes from the Big Book to your inbox but this is no longer an option, neither are we able to change the name. What we have evolved into, is a forum that provides support for all who suffer from the disease of alcoholism. Whether you are still suffering or have many years in sobriety, you are welcome here.

We encourage you to become engaged in this page with healthy discussion, sharing of recovery stories and birthdays etc.

We are a closed Group – which means “Anyone can see the group and who's in it. Only members see posts.” It will appear in your stream but for your eyes only.

Posting and Responding Guidelines –

1. If you wouldn't say it in a meeting, it does not belong here.

2. Please think before you reply or post. Think before you type.

3. Any flaming, bullying, rudeness or name calling will not be tolerated.

4. Any kind of videos including YouTube & personal videos, posts containing hash-tags, and tagging in people on posts and conversations are not allowed and will be deleted. Any foreign links including links to recovery sites, blogs or personal web pages will not be tolerated, and will also be deleted. (These are "hot links", links that when clicked on actually lead to somewhere. Not links that are on posters that when clicked on don't do anything.) Repeated offenses will result in your removal from this group. This is for the safety of the group and it's members.

5. Announcing events such as conferences and roundups and meetings is allowed.

6. ALL commercial postings will be removed and the poster will be banned from the group permanently.

7. We are not a replacement for a meeting.

8. What is posted in here should be taken as personal opinion.

9. If it causes problems call your sponsor or leave the group.

10. Lively heated conversations may happen.

11. Blocking any administrators will result in a ban on the member.

12. A thread may be deleted without explanation or warning. Selfies and possibly other pictures definitely fall into this category.

All we have ever really wanted to do here is provide a safe place that is helpful to those that need help.

If all you want is the quote to appear on your page and avoid the group, follow this link to our sister page, like and leave this group.

If you need to reach an administrator, click on all members then in the new window, on the drop down menu choose one of our names. We check our boxes often and will return your message with an answer as soon as we can.

Thank you –