DareDevil Marketing

Parental Advisory Warning: The DareDevil Marketing Podcast may contain language and content unsuitable for children under the age of 18.

The DareDevil Marketing Podcast is the ONLY podcast on the planet that focuses on real-life, no-fluff, fearless marketing strategies that help you make it big in modern, web-based business.

The DareDevil Marketing Podcast is your source for advice, tips, tweaks, tricks, news, and interviews with the big names in online marketing today and focuses on traffic generation, lead generation and profit generation that get you up and running and profitable right now.

The host of the DareDevil Marketing Podcast, Robert Stukes, has been a web-based entrepreneur since 2004 and has been heavily involved with affiliate marketing, product creation, joint-venture brokerage, lead generation, and search engine optimization as well as other facets of web-based business.

The DareDevil Marketing Podcast is available for free download from iTunes and directly from DareDevilMarketing.com.