Dark Bird Studios

We are now officially partnered with - "Ignite-Esports". It is a Battlefield Community. They are providing us the following things -
• TeamSpeak 3 Channel
• Web Hosting and a Domain
• An Individual Section of Dark Bird Studios will be included in Ignite-Esport's official Forums.

On behalf of all our admins, I'd like to thank Ignite-Esports and we appreciate the help they provided us.

Rules -
• No Spamming and advertising. If someone finds advertisement or spamming of any case in this group, simply report the post and tag the admin(s) in the comments of that post.
• Abusive language is strictly prohibited.
• Main Languages are English and Hindi. No other languages shall be used in this particular group.
• If anybody's interested to be an admin or help one, simply message an admin.
• As I had told you before, we admins have a life and we take some time to undergo your request. Don't go impatient, your patience will be appreciated.
• If you guys want to partner with us, PM any admin of the group, we'll think about it and send us our response ASAP.

Link Section -
• Ignite-Esport's Official Page - http://on.fb.me/1g0fYye
• Our official Facebook Page - http://on.fb.me/1ejWvJe

We never ask for donations but we guys do need your help. If possible, kindly contact any admin if you're interested to donate us or Ignite-Esports.!

Thanks for cooperating with our rules.

Meet the Team:-

Aman Siwach- Founder
Rohan Pandav-Founder
Shubhransh Bhaskar-Co-founder
Omair Tarique-Admin
Schwarenjan Maithrijan-Admin
Shubham Singh Rautela-Admin
Edward Dimitri-Admin