The Computer Science Club at UC Davis

Welcome to the Computer Science Club at UC Davis's official Facebook page!

This facebook group is for discussing interesting topical news and events related to the topic of Computer Science and Computer Science at UC Davis. Any promoting of non-affiliated groups, projects, or ideas should first receive approval from one of the admins or otherwise risk removal. If your membership approval request was denied multiple times, please message one of the officers listed below.


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2014-2015 Officers:
President: Timothy Tong
VP of Internal Affairs: Yvone Chau
VP of External Affairs: Samuel Lin
Secretary: Betty Leung
Treasurer: Jake Brownlee
Events Coordinator: Pouneh Aghababazadeh
Marketing Director: Joanne Arboleda

Committee Chairs:
Pragmatic Programming: Russell Miller
Professional Development: Jackie Zhang
Tutoring: Raymond Chan
Game Development: Conrad Fay
Web Development: Alberto Salazar