Facebook Drum and Bugle Corps

****NEW RULES****
1. This is not a place to attack each other about the direction of the activity. Complaining and trolling will be stopped. It is well-known that there are people of the old and new generations here and we must respect each others' opinions.
2. You don't have to agree with everyone, just play nice in the sandbox.
3. Please keep the conversations productive and fun, not insulting or annoying.

Here is the place you can share drum corps news, stories, recruitment and other announcements.

Some ideas for discussion:
-your first drum corps memories
-greatest finals experiences
-scared to audition?
-who's got it in the bag this year?
-best drumlines of 19xx/20xx?
-rideshares to upcoming regional events or summer shows (please use caution!)

If you've marched, want to march, or are marching, JOIN! Share your stories, no matter your marching background.


Remember that you can turn off notifications if you get caught in a long thread of silly posts. If you don't know how to do it, hover your mouse over the top right corner of the post and click the down arrow, then Stop Notifications. Please message me or report a post that you think is becoming unruly, has personal attacks, or is getting off topic (mild tangents are okay).

My job as moderator is not censorship. I am not going to moderate every post, thread and comment. That said, no personal attacks because that's not the nature of this group - nor is that part of the values we all gained from drum corps.