Deaf Freethinkers

This group was developed to nurture within the deaf community a broad understanding and respect for reason, science and the world around us.

We share news and developments, personal experiences, discuss, analyze and sometimes laugh at superstition, dogma and delusion.

These elements appear as cultures, religions, traditions, ignorance and confusion. They affect us as deaf people, and as people generally. We believe humanity can do better, and would like to see it reject superstitions, including....

....talking snakes, burning bushes, resurrection, reincarnation, intelligent design, miraj, virgin birth, magic underwear, demigods, rapture, the garden of eden, satan, 666, xenu, golden plates, astrology, miracles, mithras, osirus, ascensions, voodoo, crackers, jihad, heaven, hell, angels, demons, hand of fatima, halal, salvation, sin, prayer, world floods, souls, the eastern star and more.

A good general guide to our outlook is the secular creed:

1. Reason, not superstition.
2. Ethics, not dogma.
3. Respect, not worship.
4. Courage, not fear.
5. Fact, not myth.
6. Morality, not religion.
7. Clarity, not delusion.
8. Good, not god.
9. Skeptic, not cynic.
10. Rationality, not ideology.

Please note that this is an open group, which means:

1) Posts can be *read* by anyone on Facebook, including people who are not members of the group.

2) Posts can only be *written* by members.

Due to the controversial nature of freethought, sometimes disagreements arise. Historically this forum has tilted toward broad discussion while accepting the likelihood that someone will occasionally be offended.

When it happens, the suggested response to offensive speech is more speech, rather than calls to stifle speech. This approach can generate friction, which is unpleasant, but is often a necessary part of working through important issues.

When in dialogue with people of differing opinions, one good guideline: if what you're saying about someone else would make you cranky if someone said the same thing about your mother, you might want to express it differently. Attempts to stick to the issues and avoid personal attacks are encouraged.

We seldom resort to bans, but when it becomes necessary, bans will take effect for the month they occur. If the person wishes to be reinstated, they will resume at the start of the next month. If a person is banned a second time, the ban is permanent.

Regarding religious proselytizing to the group, it's happened and we know it'll happen again.

Repeatedly posting links to sermons and/or witnessing, or soliciting opinions about online sermons/witnessing will be viewed as proselytization.

We'll respond the same way we would respond if Jehovah's Witness visited our home; we'll politely let you know we're not interested.

If you continue to proselytize, we'll ask you to leave.

If you still continue, we will close the door and you will be on the outside of it. If you're thinking of doing it, save yourself the time and hassle.